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Priluk village [C] Sevdvinlag burial ground



Date of burial
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Arkhangelsk Region, Velsky district, Priluk village (nearest settlement)
Access outside a populated area
Private or specialised transport
On foot
3 kms along the Velsk-Kostylyovo Highway towards Velsk
Visiting Hours or Restrictions
Type of burial
Camp (prison) burial ground
Current use
Ceremonial events
Presence of memorials, etc.
Protected status
Not protected
Фотография 2009 года Источник: Архив НИЦ «Мемориал»
Фотография 2009 года Источник: Архив НИЦ «Мемориал»

In the 1940s prisoners of the Sevdvinlag camps who died in the infirmary 3 kms away were buried here. The burial site was first discovered and investigated in 1989 by the explorers’ group from Velsk “In the Name of the Fallen”. They fenced off the cemetery with barbed wire and place a fir stake on each discovered burial. In the early 1990s they were able to prevent the development of a quarry on the site of the cemetery.

Since 2004 the “Vazhsky krai” inter-regional movement (Kuloi settlement) has been in charge of the cemetery. Its activists have cleared the territory and surrounded it with a wooden fence and a 7-metre-high memorial cross has been erected there. Every year, with the support of local businessmen, the activists of the Vazhsky krai movement organise voluntary workdays to keep the cemetery tidy.


DateNature of ceremoniesOrganiser or responsible personParticipantsFrequency
30 October
Remembrance Day for the Victims of Political Repression
"Vazhsky krai" inter-regional movement
"Vazhsky krai" inter-regional movement
Annual event
Nature of area requiring preservation
State of burialsAreaBoundaries
Subsidence over burials; burial mounds, burials marked by stakes
not determined
not delineated
Administrative responsibility and ownership, informal responsibility for the site
On land under the control of the Velsk municipal district. The cemetery and memorial are looked after by the "Vazhsky krai" movement
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Reply from the Velsk district administration (№ 01-40/1434 of 09 April 2014) to a formal enquiry by RIC Memorial (St Petersburg)