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About this website

The website “Russia’s Necropolis of Terror and the Gulag” was created in 2013-2014 as part of a larger project: “Burial grounds in Russia of the victims of political repression: A register and internet resource”.

The purpose of the website and the project as a whole was to let people know the current status of our research into the burial practices of the Terror in Russia. We wanted to verify, systematise and publish the best described burial grounds of the victims of political terror.

In 2015 the project passed into the hands of the Joffe Foundation

We would like to thank John Crowfoot for his tremendous work in translating the entry for each commemorative site and burial ground and adding articles that provide the background to particular topics. The English version of the website was launched on 5 August 2021.

We welcome suggestions, corrections or additional information concerning any of the information presented here. Please Contact Us.

(For an introduction to the contents of this website, see “Those who did not return”.)