NOTES AND ARTICLES | Russia's Necropolis of Terror and the Gulag


The Notes & Articles listed here derive their information and illustrative material from a variety of sources.

[1] The descriptions of burial grounds and commemorative sites on the Map of Memory, e.g., Mednoe [69-04].

[2] The findings published in Books of Remembrance and research by the local Memorial Society (e.g., Ryazan, Perm).

[3] The comprehensive 2009 overview by Nicolas Werth (marked NW) of Mass crimes under Stalin, 1930-1953 (French original).

[4] Notes compiled by John Crowfoot from a variety of sources, e.g., all entries in the Gulag section.


New or as yet unpublished notes and articles are marked ** or ** (np).


The Civil War (1918-1922)

The Red Terror **

Krasny Yar (Kirov Region); Gendarmes Ravine (Nizhny Novgorod); Kovalyovsky Woods (nr St Petersburg)

Slaughter of Cossack communities **

Beslan (North Ossetia); Dakhovskaya (Adygea); Pozdneyevka (Rostov Region)

Victims of suppressed Peasant Uprisings **

Sorochi log (Altai krai); Syoly village (Tver Region); Morshansk (Tambov); Sinitsyna village (Tyumen Region)

The shooting of hostages and similar atrocities **

Dankov town (Ryazan Region); Pochainsky Ravine (Nizhny Novgorod); Chigorak village (Voronezh Region); Belinsky (Penza Region)

Wartime and post-war atrocities