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Shot in Ryazhsk

On 25 November 1941, as German forces drew near the Ryazhsky district, NKVD officers from Ryazan and police from Ryazhsk shot 36 prisoners [62-11] held in the Ryazhsk transit prison. Eleven were women. This atrocity was preceded by the summary execution  in the Oryol Region of 157 prisoners on 11 September 1941 (see the Medvedevsky Woods site [57-03]).

A letter from NKVD boss Lavrenty Beria to Stalin on 11 November 1941 [Document 12] did not restrict itself, however, to western areas of the USSR then in danger of falling into German hands. It listed no less than 10,645 prisoners throughout the Soviet Union who had been condemned to death and were awaiting confirmation of their sentence from the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court. Given wartime conditions, Beria suggested, the NKVD should itself be permitted to carry out the sentence without waiting for confirmation from above, especially for counter-revolutionary offences (Articles 58 & 59).

Source: The Ryazan Martyrology archive. Item 6, The Shuvalov Woods

Those shot in Ryazhsk (25 November 1941)


Name             Surname                Age     Occupation / activity

Vladimir        Abrashkin              (26)     military conscript

Alexandra  Aksyonova    26  True Orthodox Church

Pyotr              Ananyev                 (36)     military conscript

Alexander    Araushkin              (26)     prisoner

Ivan                Bondarev               (25)     military conscript

Pavel              Bondarev               (35)     military conscript

Yevgenia      Chesnakova          (61)     True Orthodox Church

Nikolai           Chudakov              (39)     worker

Nikolai           Danilov                   (24)     military conscript

Sergei            Denisov                  (20)     military conscript

Stepan          Dugov                      (29)     religious activist

Anna              Georgievskaya    (59)     schoolteacher

Maria             Golubykh               (41)     True Orthodox Church

Victor             Grichuk                   (40)     military conscript

Ivan                Ivanov                     (34)     military conscript

Alexander    Khilenko                (29)     military conscript

Varvara         Kopytina                (51)     True Orthodox Church

Afanasy        Koshkarov             (27)     military conscript

Stepan          Kuzmichev            (27)     military conscript

Nikolai           Medvedkov          (27)     prisoner

A.E.                ?MESHKOV                             Ryazhsk district police officer

Darya             Naumova               (55)     True Orthodox Church

Tatyana         Neveikina              (58)     True Orthodox Church

Vasily             Panov                      (47)     military conscript

Nina               Pashinina               (26)     True Orthodox Church

Fyodor          Posrednikov         (21)     military conscript

David             Saurmilikh             (28)     forced settler

Marfa            Sherstneva            (46)     True Orthodox Church

Pyotr              Sibko                       (28)     military conscript

Alexander    Skotnikov              (47)     peasant

Solomon       Tolstov                    (33)     military conscript

Ilya                  Tomin                      (39)     worker

Grigory          Vilyanovich           (36)     military conscript

Nikolai           Volkov                    (27)     worker

Pyotr              Volodin                  (29)     military conscript

Natalya         Yeliseyeva            (57)     member of religious congregation

Maria             Zhdanova               (33)     member of religious congregation

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Shot in Ryazhsk