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Boguchar** Execution & burial site



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Voronezh Region, Boguchar district, Boguchar
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. Фотография 2007 года. Источник:
. Фотография 2007 года. Источник:

In 2004 during work at a sand quarry within the present town limits the remains were discovered of those shot during the Great Terror after being sentenced by extra-judicial bodies (troika, special board, etc.).

In the 1930s those convicted of political offences (see Article 58, “Counter-revolutionary Activities”) were held at the Boguchar Prison a kilometre away from the quarry. During the Great Terror official records indicated that no less than 747 people were shot between August 1937 and March 1938. The “Pamyat” (memory) exploratory group from Dubravo village carried out the exhumation of eleven bodies. Apart from rifle bullets the skulls bore traces of confirmation (insurance) shots.

The Vladimir Region Commission for Rehabilitation of the Victims of Political Repression decided in summer 2007 that [all] the remains should be exhumed. The work was entrusted to the Voronezh “Don” exploratory group. Five pits were opened, each containing the remains of between 5 and 12 bodies. In August that year they were reburied in the town’s Severnoe cemetery [36-07]. On 8 August 2008 a granite pillar was erected over the reburial with the inscription “To the victims of political repression”. Items removed during the excavations (bullets, fragments of clothing, a leather purse containing matches, a personal silver cross, and so on) are preserved in the school museum at Dubravo. The pits from which the remains were exhumed have not been filled in: they remain open as a place of remembrance. The Boguchar district museum is working to compile a list of those arrested in the city and the surrounding area who were subsequently shot or died in captivity.

Books of Remembrance

There is A Book in Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repression in the Voronezh Region (3 vols 2014-2017); Voronezh Memorial Society has computerised 7,582 biographical entries for those shot or sent to the camps and has also published a two-volume Stalin’s execution lists for the Region.

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