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Mogilny Yar [C] Graves of forced settlers



Date of burial
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Tomsk Region, Kargasoksky district, Novy Vasyugan village, Sovetskaya Street
Access in a populated area
On foot
On northern outskirts of Novy Vasyugan village
Visiting Hours or Restrictions
Type of burial
Deportees’ graveyard
Current use
Ceremonial events
Presence of memorials, etc.
Protected status
Regional / Republican
Фотография 1997 года.
Фотография 1997 года.

A special settlement called Mogilny Yar was set up for dekulakized peasant families in 1933. After 1939 it was known as the Novy Vasyugan village. In the 1940s deportees from the Baltic States and the Caucasus were brought there. The men, women and children who died were buried in common and individual graves in a separate graveyard on the banks of the Vasyugan river. Subsequently most of the area was used for building and allotments and only a small section covered in young pine trees remained.

In 1989 Yu. Lehtrandt and K. Tuulik came there from Estonia. Former inmates of the Togursky and Aipolovsky children’s homes for orphaned deportees, they erected a cross in the graveyard in memory of their dead compatriots bearing the word “Memento”. In 1996 former exiles erected a memorial to all who died in Vasyugan; the costs were covered by the Tomsk Regional and Kargasoksky district administrations. The next year Tomsk writer V.N. Maksheyev, himself a former forced settler put up a monument (designer V.N. Moroz), paid for by the district administration, “In memory of the victims of political repression, 1931-1951”. During the 2000s personal memorials were placed in the graveyard for those who died in exile: O.F. and S.N. Maksheyeva (1936-1942), M.V. Karamzina (1940-1942) and N. Paulsen.

Books of Remembrance

notes on Karamzina and Maksheyevs, from Estonia

DateNature of ceremoniesOrganiser or responsible personParticipantsFrequency
30 October
Remembrance Day for the Victims of Political Repression
Administration of Novovasygansky rural settlement
Administration officials, village residents, descendants of the victims of repression
Annual event
Commemorative Services
From time to time
Nature of area requiring preservation
State of burialsAreaBoundaries
dozens of graves have survived
0.3 hectares
Administrative responsibility and ownership, informal responsibility for the site
On land under the control of the Kargasoksky district administration. A recently discovered site of cultural heritage, see minute of expert commission convened on 29 May 2007. Pupils of the Novy Vasyugan middle school care for the memorial area
Sources and bibliography

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Reply from Tomsk Region department for information and public relations (№ 17-293 of 13 May 2014) to a formal enquiry by RIC Memorial (St Petersburg)