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BARNAUL Pavlovsky Highway. Execution & burial site



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Altai Krai, Barnaul, intersection of Pavlovsky Highway and Malakhov Street
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Secret interment of executed
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Фотография 2009 года. Источник: Сайт «Алтапресс.ру». 04.11.2010. –
Фотография 2009 года. Источник: Сайт «Алтапресс.ру». 04.11.2010. –

The remains of 32 men and one woman were discovered in Barnaul in 2009 on wasteland beyond the Pavlovsky Highway.

The site was excavated by forensic staff of the of the Altai Krai Investigative Department. Experts believe the victims were killed with blows from sabres or cutlasses. The burial, it is thought, dates back to 1923. Personal items belonging to the executed were found during the excavation. The name of one of the victims was established: Nikolai Josifovich Kuzmenko.

The remains were reburied on 19 December 2009 in Barnaul’s Bulyginskoe cemetery [22-01] and a commemorative cross was erected there with the inscription, “The innocent victims of a fratricidal war”.

Books of Remembrance

Victims of Political Repression in the Altai Krai (7 vols. 1998-2005) includes biographical entries on 46,200 individuals who were executed or sent to the camps between 1919 and 1965.

Nature of area requiring preservation
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Administrative responsibility and ownership, informal responsibility for the site
The burials are on land under the control of the Industrial district administration of Barnaul